Compressed air pharma/food grade stirrers PLM 38

Up to 500 L

PLM series stirrers are specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The sealed motor housing combined with exhaust air ducting avoids noisy, uncontrolled leaks of compressed air into the product or out into its surroundings. Specially constructed drive vane material allows the motor to run dry without any lubrication. All parts that come into contact with the product conform to FDA regulations.
Technical details
Maximum volume
Up to 200 liter
Up to 500 liter
Maximum Viscosity
Up to 10.000 m Pas
Up to 50.000 m Pas
Up to 100.000 m Pas
No-load speed Nm
ATEX certification
Ex II 2G Ex h IIC T4 Gb
Ex II 2G Ex h IIC T5 Gb
Special versions tailored to your wishes