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Anchor stirring rotors

Widely used

The anchor design is a commonly used stirring rotor, yet its area of application is relatively specialised. It creates a tangential flow and high shear forces between vessel wall and stirring blades.

Characteristic for anchors are the two bars aligned parallel to the stirring shaft which are connected close to the container bottom by a crossbar.
The essential stirring task is to reduce high-viscous layers that adhere to the container wall in order to intensify the heat exchange.

Technical details

Types of mixing
Heat exchange
Low viscosity fluids
High viscosity fluids
Speed range
Low (60 - 150 rpm)
Medium (400 - 1.500 rpm)
High (600 - 3000 rpm)
Flow type
Dynamic flow
1.4404 AISI 316L
1.4571 AISI 316Ti
1.4602 Hastelloy® C22
Recommended stirrer size in relation to the container diameter
0,9 - 0,98
Available sizes Ø
80 - 150 mm
Main area of application:
  • Chemical industry
  • Process engineering
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry