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Diagonal blade stirring rotors

also called cross-beam stirrer

The diagonal blade stirring rotor is mainly used for low viscosity fluids or suspensions. Typical for diagonal blade or cross blade stirrers are a minimum of four opposite stirrer blades arranged at a 45° angle. In contrast to propellers, the axial flow is complemented by a radial component that creates higher shear forces. Diagonal blade stirrers have a higher energy input than a propeller and a more turbulent flow.
It is used for homogenising liquids or suspensions of low to medium viscosity and is suitable for higher viscous fluids than a propeller in direct comparison.

Technical data

Types of mixing
Heat exchange
Low viscosity fluids
Medium to high viscosity fluids
High viscosity fluids
Speed range
Low (60 - 150 rpm)
Medium (400 - 1.500 rpm)
High (800 - 2000 rpm)
Flow type
1.4404 AISI 316L
1.4571 AISI 316Ti
1.4602 Hastelloy® C22
Recommended stirrer size in relation to the container diameter
0,1 - 0,5
Available sizes Ø
50 - 100 mm
Main area of application:
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
  • Process engineering