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Dissolver stirring rotor

also called toothed disc

The dissolver stirring rotor creates radial flow with high turbulences.

Technical details

Types of mixing
- Dispersing
Heat exchange
Low viscosity fluids
Medium to high viscosity fluids
Low to high viscosity fluids
Speed range
Low (80 - 250 rpm)
Medium (400 - 1.500 rpm)
High (600 - 3000 rpm)
Flow type
Highly radial
High to very high shear forces
Dynamic flow
1.4404 AISI 316L
1.4571 AISI 316Ti
1.4602 Hastelloy® C22
Recommended stirrer size in relation to the container diameter
0,2 - 0,5
Available sizes Ø
30 - 350 mm
Normally, dissolver stirrers are operated at high or even very high circumferential speed and create a strong radial flow with high shear forces. Ideally, a torus-shaped flow is created, also referred to as the doughnut effect (not with low viscosity dispersions). The aim of this mixing process is to have the dispersion medium enclose the surface of the particles entirely so as to prevent agglomeration or flocculation of the solids. The stirrer provides finest distribution of the dispersed phase in the dispersion medium.

Main area of application:
  • Paints and coatings industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Plastics industry