Magnetic stirrer drives BUK complete

Speed control by frequency converter

The use of a cardan coupling is unnecessary, meaning both vibrations and the installation height are reduced. A speed monitor incorporating a pulse generator and a reed contact is fitted to the output shaft as standard. Speed control of the 3-phase, a.c. motor (supply req. 3x240/400 V, 50 Hz) by frequency converter.
All parts coming into contact with the medium are made of stainless steel. A bore with blind plug is positioned laterally to fit an optional valve. For sealing to the autoclave lid we recommend using a cutting ring made from HC 22, see accessories.
Technical details
Volume (max.)
Up to 5 liter
Up to 10 liter
Pressure (max.)
Up to 10 bar
Up to 200 bar
Up to 700 bar
Up to 8 Ncm
Up to 90 Ncm
Up to 150 Ncm
Temperature (max.)
Up to 240 °C
Up to 250 °C
Up to 300 °C
Stainless steel (1.4435 or 1.4980)
More on request
Ball bearings stainless steel
ATEX certification
On request
Special versions tailored to your wishes