Compressed air magnetic stirrer drives with thread

Permanent magnetic coupling and a flanged

PMRK series drives feature a permanent magnetic coupling and a flanged, compressed air-driven motor. The use of a cardan coupling is unnecessary, meaning both vibrations and the installation height are reduced. This version with M30x2 screw thread is suitable for applications under pressure up to 700 bar, depending on the material, and can easily be screwed into an autoclave lid. Sealing to the autoclave lid is achieved using a cutting ring (HC 22).

The speed is regulated by a continuously adjustable fine control valve, with an analogue tachometer fitted as standard.
Technical details
Volume (max.)
Up to 5 liter
Up to 10 liter
Pressure (max.)
Up to 10 bar
Up to 200 bar
Up to 700 bar
Up to 8 Ncm
Up to 90 Ncm
Up to 150 Ncm
Ball bearings stainless steel
Slide bearings PTFE/carbon
ATEX certification
On request
Special versions tailored to your wishes